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[ba-ohs-talk] ohs cvs?

Greetings -- the list deamon indeed did not allow me to post as a lurker,
so I subscribed .. here's the post, that Mike already reacted to privately
noting that there are no (other) comments yet. Is there any interest for
such repository?    (01)

---cut---    (02)

From: Toni alatalo <toni.alatalo@oulu.fi>
Date: Wed Jan 8, 2003  2:57:03 PM Europe/Helsinki
To: ba-ohs-talk@bootstrap.org
Subject: ohs cvs    (03)

if you (and the list daemon) allows me, a lurker of the web-archive so
far, to comment:    (04)

James Michael DuPont <mdupont777@yahoo.com> wrote:
>--- "John J. Deneen" <jjdeneen@netzero.net> wrote:
>>   About 8-months have elapsed since the Bootstrap Alliance website
>> was  last updated ....     (01)
>even more, I have not seen any code submitted.    (02)    (05)

that has been my greatest wonder as well.    (06)

>What do you say that we start putting togeather a cvs of all
>the code that we have and getting it into a usefull form?    (05)    (07)

judging from the little experience i have in participating other open
source projects, i enthusiastically support this idea! some are using cvs
also as a means of sharing notes, writing publications together etc. and
to me it seems to be working well.    (08)

as a newcomer here, hoping to start committing even code, but having not
seen any so far, what you suggest would definitely be the greatest help in
getting started.    (09)

>mike    (010)

~Toni    (011)

P.S. as no one here knows me, a small intro/explanation: I'm from
University of Oulu, Finland, and my professor Harri Oinas-Kukkonen is
visiting "there" right now. our plan is to participate in OHS development
especially considering mobile use, which has been the focus of our
research for quite a while. http://owla.oulu.fi/ has some information on
our previous work, which is mostly conceptual, but now I'm personally
focusing more on actual software development based on the previously
developed ideas -- especially trying to learn from mr. Engelbart and all
of you here. i'll post separately some thoughts regarding mobile use
---end---    (012)