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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] ohs cvs? [Licensing]

--- "Paul D. Fernhout" <pdfernhout@kurtz-fernhout.com> wrote:    (01)

> the license issue so I can participate.) Personally, I find it much 
> legally safer to contribute to free or open source efforts
> unencumbered 
> by "permission to use", and to likewise not directly use any
> Bootstrap 
> related mailing contents as source materials due to "permission to
> use".    (02)

I agree with you.    (03)

the bootstrap/ohs project has some good ideas and lots of great and
intelligent people on the list.     (04)

It is shame we cannot have a clear vision and leadership in this
project, many of us contribute to projects on a regular basis. It is a
shame that such a high profile project cannot lay a foundation that
attracts developers.    (05)

> Also, Chris Dent et al. had the problem of finding their university
> not immediately amenable to letting them release their source code 
> under a non-proprietary license (has this been resolved?) so actually
> this (and  other examples) makes me much more inclined to contribute
> significant works only under the copylefted licesnes like the GPL or
> LGPL    (06)

> (naturally  others might choose other things for other reasons), 
> whereas I think the 
> license supposedly decided on here is/was MPLish?    (07)

Yes, that is what I remember. And that was done is such a way that I
dont feel very happy with. I dont think there is a big problem with
MPL, but still the decisions seems to be pushed on top of us by someone
who does not write any code anyway.    (08)

mike    (09)

James Michael DuPont
http://introspector.sourceforge.net/    (010)

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