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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] ohs cvs? [Licensing]

--- Jack Park <jackpark@thinkalong.com> wrote:    (01)

> Second, as a member of a small group of people who worked on the
> licensing 
> issues, including the Stanford issue, I though that problem was
> resolved 
> officially, once and for all. Maybe not.  The license chosen is
> Apache.    (02)

that is fine for me.    (03)

> No 
> further actions, to my recollection, have occured that would change
> that 
> commitment.     (04)

> About Stanford, perhaps more needs to be stated by Mei
> Lin 
> Fung, or others, but I (perhaps wrongly) recall that ba-ohs-talk is a    (05)

> separate issue from unrevII (which now seems to be a trap for nasty
> spam 
> and should be closed down) and thus not subject to the "heavy hand"
> of 
> Stanford agreements.    (06)

The creative commons has come up with a interesting set of licenses
that  you might want to look into for the ml.     (07)

As far as I know, all the posts on the ml are copyrighted by thier
respective authors.    (08)

mike    (09)

James Michael DuPont
http://introspector.sourceforge.net/    (010)

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