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[ba-ohs-talk] Mobile HyperScope?

Hi!    (01)

We are interested using HyperScope (and OHS) with different mobile devices
(especially mobile phones and PDA's).    (02)

Here are some random thoughs conserning our research:    (03)

1. HyperScope should be a server side application.    (04)

Most of the work should be done on server and as little information as
possible send to mobile device. This is because mobile devices lack the
computing power and memory of a normal PC. Also with mobile devices
bandwidth should not be wasted.    (05)

So this HyperScope Server would transfer for example html-files to XML+
format which would then be transfered into WML (or other suitable format
for mobile devices) with XSLT.    (06)

2. Special "Mobile HyperScope" should not be implemented.    (07)

With XSLT XML+ files can be transfered to XHTML, WML or any other similar
language. So HyperScope server could be accessed with web browsers, wap
browsers etc.    (08)

HyperScope server should be implemented in "mobile aware" way.
(see http://www9.org/final-posters/poster23.html)    (09)

3. Problems will occur with screen size, editing documents and so on...    (010)

Of course many problems will occur. Most of them are probably caused by
small display (imagine reading a long document with a mobile phone).    (011)

Also most of the mobile devices don't have proper keyboard for input.    (012)

We are very interested about your comments. Especially about points 1 and
2. Also all the possible problems you can imagine will help us (we are
planning on testing this at least on some level).    (013)

Teppo Räisänen    teppo.raisanen@oulu.fi
University of Oulu, Finland    (014)