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Re: urn-5 vs hashes (was: Re: [Gzz] RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Fenfire, RDF(re "Towards a Standard Graph-Based..."))

Hi Kevin--    (01)

Kevin Keck wrote:
 >> There's
>>no URI scheme or URN namespace for hashed data, yet (AFAIK).
> Actually, there's at least three used with the various file sharing apps:
> MAGNET, apparently supported by some Gnutella programs. Uses sha1. Example:
> <magnet:?xt=urn:sha1:ZETNTXVNDO2DS32627BQNKIADS3RT3T5&dn=Shareaza1700.exe>
> eDonkey ed2k URIs, which use MD4. Example:
> <ed2k://|file|Shareaza1700.exe|1330539|b29e2440d84ed468a63971220667786f|/>
> sig2dat URIs, used with Kazaa, Grokster, etc. Not sure what hash. Example:
> <sig2dat://|File:%20Shareaza1700.exe|Length:%201330539%20Bytes,%201299KB|UUH
> ash/kHiGJMFBOMT2rdMU=|>    (02)

Sorry, I should have been clearer, but by URI scheme I meant registered 
URI scheme. (I believe in the power of standards :-) ) If I'm not 
mistaken, none of the above is registered.    (03)

- Benja    (04)