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[ba-ohs-talk] Purple numbered document authoring or How one can assemble quoted portions taken from different documents (Re: Starting Point for Collab Tool)

Although not quite complete, I have a short description (with screenshots :) of using PurpleSlurple to author "PSdocs" (i.e., documents containing granular links to *external* source documents): http://radio.weblogs.com/0105726/categories/purpleslurple/psDocumentCreation.html    (01)

PurpleSlurple addresses a number of issues (as I understand them) near and dear to Ted Nelson:    (02)

* Affords deep quotability (at the paragraph level currently but *quotation in any part* coming soon!): http://www.sasites.com/suse/apache/files/pstxt.php?theurl=http://ted.hyperland.com/quotableformat.txt#purp6
* Avoids embedded markup (in the sense that the source document need not have any -- plain text works): http://www.sasites.com/suse/apache/files/pstxt.php?theurl=http://ted.hyperland.com/buyin.txt#purp36
* One can assemble quoted portions taken from different documents (see my PSdoc creation article): http://www.sasites.com/suse/apache/files/pstxt.php?theurl=http://ted.hyperland.com/quotableformat.txt#purp18    (03)

While PurpleSlurple may be a "duct tape and baling wire solution"[1], and one that may not be around forever, it *is* available today FOR MILLIONS OF DOCUMENTS THAT DON'T HAVE PURPLE NUMBERS.    (04)

PurpleSlurple affords me quite a lot of utility in my own work in the fashion described. Some other ways to utilize PurpleSlurple    (05)

* Drag and drop PSsnippets into your IM client
* Drag and drop PSsnippets into your email client
* Print out your documents with PSnumbers for easy reference and discussion at meetings
* Use PSnumbers to facilitate reading (and bookmarking) long online articles or ebooks 
* Use the granular links in Ideagraph, PurpleWiki and for all your newsgroups postings
* and many, many others    (06)

Please indulge me, view my short overview of creating a PSdoc, and see if you don't agree.    (07)

Best regards,    (08)

Matthew A. Schneider    (09)

[1] This is my description. As an aerospace engineer from Tri-State U., I can attest to the utility of duct tape and baling wire.    (010)