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[ba-ohs-talk] NYTimes.com Article: The Orphans of Invention

This article from NYTimes.com 
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Today's NY Times op ed article talks a lot about Doug. Doug was at the CPWeek conference this week - It is run by CPSquare - Community of Practice of Communities of Practice - co-founded by Etienne Wenger.     (02)

He had a very good time there and the Bootstrap Alliance team: Doug, Tony Christopher and myself gave an afternoon workshop that provided a use-case scenario for the Hyperscope and encouraged them to consider the issues and challenges we face today in linking to our legacy of knowledge and information.    (03)

If you are interested, I can send you my portion of the presentation. We are working to see how we can update the site to provide this on the bootstrap.org site. Currently we are still having problems working out how to do that (talk about linking to legacy!)     (04)

meilin@ix.netcom.com    (05)

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The Orphans of Invention    (08)

May 22, 2003
By ELLEN ULLMAN     (09)

Something more than jobs were lost in the Internet bust. It
has to do with people and history, with what might be
called industrial memory.     (010)

http://www.nytimes.com/2003/05/22/opinion/22ULLM.html?ex=1054618559&ei=1&en=312a64bb515a00c6    (011)

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