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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Fw: [unrev-II] Dervin and Sense-Making

Hi Peter,    (01)

>No, I wasn't being sarcastic, (apologies if it seemed that way,) I just
>trying to make a point about the nature of sense-making understood as a
No need to apologize, I was just trying to show how, from your statement, I
couldn't figure out what you meant :)    (02)

>Possible flaws of reasoning aside, what's a very important point for me is
>that it's all domain ('size') dependent up to a point (typically the
>ultimate processing capacity of your brain and the nature of
I agree but there's one more point, having to do with resources and probably
motivation. H. A. Simon's bounded rationality states that people do not make
decisions based on the exploration of all alternatives and their
consequences because that would take unlimited resources even within a
domain. Does the inductive inference hold for sense-making. I believe it
does. No matter how much I wanted to make sense of your sentence, I had a
limited time to do it because I have other things to accomplish during the
day and I can't take 2 weeks to answer the question. Motivation also plays a
role. How much time do I spend before I get demotivated by the search for
sense and declare that it is either done or hopeless?    (03)

Cheers,    (04)

Gil    (05)