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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] virtual book club?

I think that is a fantastic idea. I'm so overwhelmed with great
books to read, articles to pursue, and technologies to
investigate, that I no longer have any idea where to begin.    (01)

Taking one thing a month could well make it possible. It works
on so *many* levels:
   1) We develop a common base of terminology and
        shared understanding.    (02)

   2) We get incentive to make time for that one thing, so we
        can follow the discussion, at a minimum.    (03)

   3) The "things to read" list drops from roughly 10,000 down
       to one, and makes the task more approachable.    (04)

Frankly, I think its a brilliant suggestion.
Who'd you get the idea from?
:__)    (05)

Eugene Eric Kim wrote:    (06)

> Would anyone on this list be interested in participating in a virtual
> Book-Of-The-Month club?  Over the past few years, I've read a number of
> worthwhile books that relate very strongly to Doug's work and mission, and
> I have a stack of books that I plan on reading.  I would enjoy discussing
> these books with people on this list.
> My thought is that once a month, we pick a book, read it by a designated
> date, and then discuss it on this list.  We'd keep things relatively
> informal.  However, if Henry is interested and authors are willing,
> some of the discussion could easily be republished on Fleabyte as book
> reviews.
> If you're interested or if you have book suggestions, drop me an e-mail.
> I'll post the results on this list.
> -Eugene
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