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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] virtual book club?

First, yes, I think this is a great idea.    (01)

I also second the Ivan Illich work.    (02)

I am not so sanguine about technology and global IQ as others may be, though
my recent readings have not been inappropriate.  I am still delving into    (03)

Lewontin, Richard C.  It Ain't Necessarily So: The Dream of the Human Genome
and Other Illusions.  The New York Review of Books (New York: 2000).  ISBN
0-940322-10-2.    (04)

Hacking, Ian.  The Social Construction of What?  Harvard University Press
(Cambridge, MA: 1999).  ISBN 0-674-81200-X alk. paper.    (05)

I was led to these by an odd route, stemming in part from    (06)

Einstein, Albert., Infield, Leopold.  The Evolution of Physics: From Early
Concepts to Relativity and Quanta.  Simon and Schuster (New York: 1938,
1966).  ISBN 0-671-20156-5 pbk.  A Touchstone Book.
     From the preface: "This book is a simple chat between you and us.  You
may find it boring or interesting, dull or exciting, but our aim will be
accomplished if these pages give you some idea of the eternal struggle of
the inventive human mind for a fuller understanding of the laws governing
physical phenomena."    (07)

I don't read enough and it all seems like an intrusion at the moment.  The
way Illich is being discussed resonates for me and I would like to dig
deeper into that.    (08)

-- Dennis    (09)

Dennis E. Hamilton
AIIM DMware Technical Coordinator
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Subject: [ba-unrev-talk] virtual book club?    (011)

Would anyone on this list be interested in participating in a virtual
Book-Of-The-Month club?  Over the past few years, I've read a number of
worthwhile books that relate very strongly to Doug's work and mission, and
I have a stack of books that I plan on reading.  I would enjoy discussing
these books with people on this list.    (012)

My thought is that once a month, we pick a book, read it by a designated
date, and then discuss it on this list.  We'd keep things relatively
informal.  However, if Henry is interested and authors are willing,
some of the discussion could easily be republished on Fleabyte as book
reviews.    (013)

If you're interested or if you have book suggestions, drop me an e-mail.
I'll post the results on this list.    (014)

-Eugene    (015)

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