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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] virtual book club?

On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, Jack Park wrote:    (01)

> If you recall, Ping recently introduced himself and gave a URL
> http://lfw.org/ping/criticons/
>   wherein he illustrates the use of email posts for IBIS-like
> discussions.  It would not take an archiver to produce what he wants if we
> happen to make our Subject lines look something like his suggestion.    (02)

It's a point I made on the old unrev list a number of times.  A couple of
people actively experimented with this on unrev and on ohs-dev, with mixed
results.  On the one hand, subject headers are a lot more descriptive.  On
the other hand, it makes it harder to mentally track threads (i.e. this is
a message in response to that thread) unless you save all of your e-mails
and view them in threading mode, or unless you follow the list via the web
archives.    (03)

To be really useful, it also requires people to be good at writing
descriptive subject headers.  I'm not sure if we've evolved that behavior
yet. :-)    (04)

-Eugene    (05)

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