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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] (offtopic) Question about backing up

On Fri, 30 Nov 2001 08:06:02 -0500, Henry K van Eyken wrote:    (01)

>Does anyone know of a utility that will scan one's harddisk for files
>with a certain date or later and place copies of these in a single
>directory (from which one can create a CD-update to previously backed-up
>files)? For Windows; for Linux.    (02)

I wrote a utility similar to this in java as a way to learn java, several years
ago.  Its rough, but we still use it in 'production' environments.
It may not be what you're looking for, since it runs only as a GUI app.    (03)

The design is intended for us for uploading files to remote sites and
doesn't copy files, but instead zips them into a single zip file in a specified
location.  I'm happy to share the source if you are a java programmer and
want to modify it.  It has a few curious bugs I've not tracked down
since there are only 3 users for this utility and we know how to work
around them :)    (04)

But, it might serve for what you're trying to do.    (05)

The utility is called FileUp (as in file-upload).  If you don't find 
something better suited, take a look at FileUp and let me know what
features you need to make it useful and I can try to get time to do
another revision and track down those bugs.  One option would be
to require the gui for the setup but be able to force it to run and
complete without any interactivity, based on the config file.  The
other feature you may need is the ability to specify multiple seach
paths, its currently setup to only search down one tree.    (06)

We don't use FileUp as much anymore since there are other utilities now
available, but I still use it as the way I make incremental backups.    (07)

The jar I currently use is accessible at:    (08)

http://www.erowid.org/general/software/fileup/    (09)

There are also a couple of images of the interface there. The 
concept is that you setup a starting directory, specify a date and
potentially include and exclude criteria, and then it searches the
filesystem for files later than the specified date matching the
include/exclude criteria.  All of those it puts in a list which you can
sort and remove entries from, then you say 'zip', it makes a zip file
of them, then you can click 'upload' and it tries to ftp them to the
remote site specified for that configuration.    (010)

I think that should include the class kitchen sink, so any of the java's from
1.2.x on should (*cough*) run that.  Irritatingly, most browsers seem
to try to download .jar files as text, so you'll need to make sure you
get it as a binary.    (011)

It needs a complete rewrite, in fact I will be horridly embarassed to
show the source code for this since it was my very first java outting,
but...    (012)

bcl    (013)