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[ba-unrev-talk] Environmental Dynamics Consortium -- an OHS Use Case

http://www.utad.pt/~tasso/edc/home.html    (01)

The EDC is an inter-disciplinary group of researchers, practitioners and 
institutions, all sharing their interest in environmental issues as well as 
their enthusiasm and experience on how to resolve them. The scientific 
orientation of the EDC members may be environmental (e.g. EIA/ SEA), 
planning (e.g. strategic planning), management (e.g. environmental 
management), or technological (e.g. software development). The field that 
brings together all these professionals has been termed "Environmental 
Environmental Dynamics, then, is an inter-disciplinary field of study, 
conceived and coined at and for the EDC, concerned with the dynamics of 
environmental systems (alias: "the way things work"). The objective of ED 
is to investigate, comprehend, document and communicate the complex 
dynamics of large-scale systems (e.g. local or regional) that include parts 
of Nature and, many times, human activities. The means to achieve that 
objective are computer-assisted systems modelling, great components of 
which are System Dynamics and Geographic Information Systems.
In practical terms, the EDC aims to produce concrete outcomes, such as a 
series of conferences with the latest environmental software and the 
creation of specialised software for certain processes or individual tasks. 
Additionally, the EDC may also function as a contact list or a "Who-is-Who" 
directory, or as a medium for the exchange of experience and ideas.    (02)