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[ba-unrev-talk] knowledge repository for life

Joseph Rubenfeld, NYC's Deputy Commissioner for Advanced Technology and
author of the CHAOS chess playing program, just published an essay
entitled, "Knowledge Management for Life: Make the World a Better Place."    (01)

    http://www.acm.org/ubiquity/views/j_rubenfeld_1.html    (02)

The title itself seems a succinct summary of Doug's mission.    (03)

>From the article:    (04)

  "Knowledge Management (KM) is becoming a popular tool for improving
  productivity throughout the corporate world. KM includes capturing,
  organizing and disseminating valuable knowledge within an organization.
  KM attempts to promote learning and innovation organization-wide.    (05)

  This is a proposal to apply the principles of KM toward the goal of
  making the world a better place."    (06)

  ...    (07)

  "The principles of KM can help provide the wisdom to guide us in life's
  most important decisions regarding aspects of relationships, education,
  career, religion, ethics, morality, health and even entertainment.
  Through a single "Portal to Life," it is possible to collect, structure
  and browse a multitude of bits of wisdom and experience -- what works
  and what doesn't.    (08)

  Knowledge management is not just computer systems -- although there are
  a large and growing number of computer systems to support KM. KM includes
  such concepts as nurturing "communities of practice" and encouraging
  knowledge sharing by providing space (both real and virtual) in which
  people can have discussions. Similarly, KM for Life will provide
  computer facilities for threaded discussions as well as real meeting
  places for face-to-face discussions and counseling sessions."    (09)

  ...    (010)

  "Knowledge management is not just a technology or simply a set of
  computerized tools but it involves human interaction as well. The idea
  is to establish a set of centers which may be associated with guidance
  counselor centers in school and in religious institutions, libraries and
  other locations. One of the goals will be to bridge the so-called
  "digital divide" so that the people who are most in need of guidance and
  counseling will have easy access to these facilities."    (011)

-Eugene    (012)

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