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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Licensing of the unrevii email archives

Paul Fernhout wrote:
> Here's an Atlantic article on the topic of university's and private
> research, called "The Kept University":
>   http://www.theatlantic.com/issues/2000/03/press.htm    (01)

It turns out that when I followed a Google query on who links to this:    (02)

I found all sort of other interesting material on this topic (148 web
pages).    (03)

That Atlantic article is from March 2000, so it looks like in the last
two years the concept is gaining steam... I realized in retrospect on
what I wrote that I think unexplored issue is the conflict between
publicly subsidized faculty maintainging their own copyright and
publishing conventionally (via book publishers for a typically minascule
royalty) vs. faculty publishing free content -- which is undoubtedly an
issue of much contention.    (04)

I should mention, in defense of universities, that there is the MIT
OpenCourseWare project:
"At a press conference on April 4, 2001, MIT announced its commitment to
make the materials from virtually all of its courses freely available on
the World Wide Web for non-commercial use."    (05)

So they deserve a lot of credit when the materials are finally released
-- although I guess the license is "only for non-comemrcial use"
whatevere that means (it's a semi-free definition).
  http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/categories.html#semi-freeSoftware    (06)

And here are links to professors who share:
  http://www.trinity.edu/rjensen/openshare.htm    (07)

-Paul Fernhout
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