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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Agroforestry

Henry K van Eyken wrote:    (01)

> 1 acre = 4.05 x 10^-3 sq.km    (02)

Great. Now, for those of us who knew math about 30 years ago,
but who have in the meantime forgotten everything they once
knew, what is that number, really??!    (03)

     .00405 sq. km ??    (04)

That seems awfully small.    (05)

I know that 10 km = 6.2 miles. But I don't know how miles and
acres relate, either, so that doesn't help much.    (06)

That 1.25 acres:
     * Can provide all of the nutritional needs for 10 people.
     * Is very water-sparing, rather than water-intense.
     * Is very labor-sparing, rather than labor-intense.
     * Lets those 10 people live on the land, as well as birds
        and other forms of wildlife.
     * Puts oxygen back in the air and takes CO2 out.
     * Can provide housing materials and export crops.
     * Can make use of mountainous terrain at most every
         latitude, as well as flat land in certain latitudes.    (07)