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[ba-unrev-talk] A New Kind of Science

http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2002/5/14/233629/069    (01)

Stephen Wolfram's latest book on doing science with cellular automata (CA).    (02)

"Stephen Wolfram has finally published his A New Kind of Science. The 
culmination of twenty years of private and furtive work by the creator of 
Mathematica, A New Kind of Science purports to revolutionize science and 
mathematics through the application of cellular automata. Normally, 
claimants with such hubris are laughed off by serious scientists, but 
Wolfram is arguably one of the brightest minds in science. With this book, 
Wolfram begins his attempt to take his science to the mainstream and put 
his name besides those of Einstein and Newton. Here are several articles 
from Forbes, the New Scientist and the New York Times on the book and 
Wolfram. "    (03)

A whole bunch of moons back, I coaxed a cellular automata to play the game 
of life (which it will do anyway) using an expert system in each 
cell.  That got written up in Dr. Dobb's Journal.  It strikes me that a 
huge amount of what goes on in the world is driven by nearest neighbor 
interactions, which CA are good at modeling. Imagine combining discovery 
systems based, perhaps, on evolutionary programming techniques, coupled 
with knowledge stored in each cell, and training that on lots of 
interesting data.  While you're at it, imagine compute cycles we probably 
don't have the energy to drive.  Fun thinking, nevertheless.    (04)

Jack    (05)