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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Re: NAFTA / A New Kind of Science

Hi -    (01)

Here is an "active essay" to further illuminate the points.    (02)

http://el.www.media.mit.edu/groups/el/projects/emergence/    (03)

==    (04)

BTW, thanks for the remarks on the odious NAFTA. Don't forget its insidious
cousins WTO, GATT, NGOs and the granddaddy of ALL failed meta-government,
the U.N.    (05)

The graft and lack of accountability of the UNELECTED elites of
super-national organizations makes the Enron meltdown look like a failed
lemonade stand. For example, why are WTO & GATT meetings top secret and
closed to any public scrutiny?    (06)

To the chagrin of King George III, er, ah, I mean Kofi Annan, the USA must
begin to roll-back parasitic globalization efforts through its grass-roots
electorate.    (07)

The US must mobilize to assure the deliberate reawakening of national &
economic sovereignty and renew The Consent Of The Governed. Revulsion and
suspicion of all world government initiatives, including the most egregious
and deceptive "Free Trade Zones," is essential.    (08)

Sadly, it takes events like 9/11/01 to draw attention to the extent of how
infected US foreign policy has become with the pernicious virus of
globalization, corporate avarice, wrong-headed military/economic support and
so-called world government.    (09)

It should be of little surprise that Number One on the short-list for
global terrorist targets for many years has been the unfortunate "World
Trade" Center.    (010)

The USA is a constitutional republic; it is not an empire, social democracy,
monarchy or coalition. Frankly, Americans themselves deserve a lot better
than to be bullied, ridiculed and derided by supra-governments or terrorized
by their disfranchised victims.    (011)

So far, subjugation by these counterfeit organizations has resulted in
recent comments like the following:    (012)

"...speaker after speaker at the World Economic Forum (WEF, NYC 2001) has
lambasted America as a smug superpower, too beholden to Israel at the
expense of the Muslim world, and inattentive to the needs of poor countries
or the advice of allies."    (013)

This message of the World Economic Forum to AMERICANS is not from some
crackpot dictator, hateful political extremist or enemy of the USA, but from
2,700 of the most respected leaders in the world!    (014)

Frankly, I resent being roundly lambasted by chief executives, billionaires,
kings, presidents, ambassadors, bishops, patriarchs and imams.    (015)

This painful outcome is the DIRECT result of the wrongheaded involvement in
idiotic meta-governments, like NAFTA, GATT, WTO and the U.N.    (016)

Most every generation of American voters and their representatives, at one
time or another, have been called upon to harness our government from
spiraling out-of-control. Defeating globalization is the clarion call of
this generation and must be its political destiny.    (017)

Why should quack bureaucrats, never elected by anybody, ensconced on 1st Ave
or Geneva, determine US economic policy? How can Americans passively sponsor
the treacherous creation of supreme authority?    (018)

This has been tried before many times -- Rome, Ottoman, Tokyo, Moscow,
London, 1st Ave., -- and it *always* fails. Brussels/EU is the latest stage
on which war, despondency and failure is being built.    (019)

"Government By The People, For The People, and Of The People" is what works,
not empire.    (020)

Why, for heaven's sake, is our national holiday called, "Independence Day?"    (021)

It is not, "Interdependence Day."    (022)

Indeed, deeply engage all countries and civil societies of the world
culturally, as tourists, educationally, etc., in medicine, science and
bilateral policy, with love, caring and respect, but not POLITICALLY - no
way - it is wrong, perilous and very scary.    (023)

Any alternative is a dangerous path away from a safe and prosperous future
for the USA.    (024)

In that future, a benevolent, independent and sovereign USA won't be
lambasted for being an overbearing superpower and building governing empires
rife with unelected, sham intellectuals, greedy multinationals, bogus,
self-serving bureaucrats and inexplicable constituent-based foreign aid.
Rather, she will be praised for providing the stalwart courage, generosity
and leadership-by-example of "the last great hope of mankind."    (025)

Cheers,    (026)

-jtm    (027)

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Jack Park wrote:    (029)

> http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2002/5/14/233629/069
> Stephen Wolfram's latest book on doing science with cellular automata
> ....
> A whole bunch of moons back, I coaxed a cellular automata to play the game
> of life (which it will do anyway) using an expert system in each
> cell.  That got written up in Dr. Dobb's Journal.  It strikes me that a
> huge amount of what goes on in the world is driven by nearest neighbor
> interactions, which CA are good at modeling....    (030)

OH yeah....    (031)

Our ability to predict the result of changes in economic policy and
tax rules and such is just horrible, because there are so many
individual "expert systems" out there who are adept at exploiting
gaps in the rules. The "how to get around it" strategies then
proliferate as a result of "neighbor-interactions", where "neighbor"
is a multi-dimensional concept (geographical neighbor, member of
the same profession, part of the same industry, etc.)    (032)