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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] About networks

John.    (01)

Thanks for your reference. In it I found:    (02)

"Government and individual policymakers throughout the developed and developing
world face the common problem of bringing expert knowledge to bear in government
decision making. Policymakers need understandable, reliable, accessible, and
useful information about the societies they govern. They also need to know how
current policies are working, as well as possible alternatives and their likely
costs and consequences. This expanding need has fostered the growth of
independent public policy research organizations, commonly known as think
tanks."    (03)

And, of course, not only policymakers, but also those who elect policymakers
should be interested in the considered opinion of experts. In part the media
help here to spread synopses of reports and occasional commentary on them. On
the other hand, the opinions may not be well read or otherwise not form
reasonably well organized and interrelated pictures in readers' minds. Also, I
fear, the positions and attention drawn by more activist bodies tend to put
expert opinion in the shade. (And, no, I am not against activism! - as long as
the subject matter and not the activist process takes priority.) It is here that
computer-based media might learn to become more effective and increasingly so
with a better educated and increasingly computer-literate citizenry. Which is
what Fleabyte is about.    (04)

But as seen from the previous paragraph, the weak links include the creating of
that kind of  educational media effectiveness. That is what we are seeking.    (05)

Any thoughts on how we might fruitfully pursue this further?    (06)

Henry    (07)

John Maloney wrote:    (08)

> Hi --
> List readers may appreciate this initiative:
> http://www.thinktankconsultants.com/thinktank.html
> I've been working with Jim McGann, senior fellow & founding partner, on this
> for a couple years. This is a great opportunity for unrev/ohs members to
> contribute to the advancement of civil societies.
> If you are interested in sponsorship, investment or volunteering, please let
> me know. I will send you the prospectus and coordinate.
> There is particular interest in Objective 3 --
> "Develop a viable network of think tanks that fosters collaboration,
> information sharing and the transfer of innovative technologies and best
> practices from one institution to another."
> and...
> o Effective use of knowledge and issue networks to facilitate the creation,
> dissemination and utilization of policy relevant information and ideas
> o Enterprising use of technologies, products and programs that increase
> policy impacts
> The scope is >3200 think tanks from 126 countries. Probably deserves some
> coverage in Fleabyte too.
> Cheers,
> John
> John Maloney
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> Augment and OHS are very much about networks and that is one basis for
> selecting items for Fleabyte. You may be interested in:
> 1. How Internet games are a driving force here (fascinating + lots of
> links):
> http://www.fleabyte.org/index.html#fo-67
> 2. Community nets:
> http://www.fleabyte.org/index.html#fo-66
> H.    (09)