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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Back to School

Impelled to share this quote that I saw in Arthur Schelesinger Jr 's Feb
1999 foreword to the re-issue of his 1986 book: "Cycles of American
History"    (01)

"The shape of things to come, becomes more and more a race between
education and catastrophe." HG Wells    (02)

Then since I went to the book to get the quote right, here's the
relevant final sentence of Schelesinger's 1999 foreword:    (03)

"As we more into the nysterious twenty first century, we need to know
how to run computers. We need even more to know how to run ourselves."    (04)

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Greetings,    (06)

Here is noteworthy lecture that all you experts have probably seen
before.    (07)

y_4_1994.htm    (08)

[excerpt]    (09)

"The first implication of this is that education will become the center
of the knowledge society and schooling its key institution."    (010)

(snip)    (011)