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[ba-unrev-talk] Communications for a Sustainable Future Centre at Colorado

An interesting set of mailing lists at:
.com&passw=&func=lists-long    (01)

casenet  Active Learning in International Affairs
cool  Campus Outreach Opportunity League
homeless  Homelessness and Housing
isafp  ISA Foreign Policy
labor-rap  Labor Research and Action Project
peace  Peace Studies
ppn  Progressive Population Network
revs  Racial-Religious-Ethnonationalist Violence Studies
service-learning  Service-Learning Discussion Group
txseedsavers  Seed-saving information exchange list.
waib  Women in the Academy of International Business
wealth-fairsharing  Fair sharing of benefits from common-heritage
natural wealth
wsn  World Systems Network
Category: Colorado
bcwatershed  Boulder Creek Watershed discussion
puma  Preserve Unique Magnolia Association
Category: economics
clim-econ  Economics of Climate Variability and Global Change
debt  The Economics of Debt
friends-of-pkt  Post Keynesian Thought Announcements
ipe  International Political Economy
itcp  International Trade and Commercial Policy
longwaves  Kondratiev Waves and market cycles
pen  PEN is a reflector of the PEN-L mailing list, which is managed by
Michael Perelman and based at California State University at Chico.
Archives are available at http://csf.colorado.edu/forums/pen-l/
pkt  Post Keynesian Thought
pkt-seminars  Post Keynesian Thought Seminars
seminars  Economics Seminar Announcements
Category: environment
bioregional  Natural regions and human habitation
ecofem  ECOFEM is an international electronic mail forum through which a
variety of viewpoints concerning women and the environment may be
ecol-econ  Ecological Economics
ecopath  Ecopath merges sustainable philosophy and daily life
elan  Environment in Latin America Network
envtecsoc  Environment, Technology, and Society
essa  Earth-friendly and Self-sufficient Architecture
ncse  National Council for Science and the Environment
Category: feminism
femisa  Feminist Theory and Gender Studies
m-fem  A place for marxist-feminists to hang out
matfem  Materialist Feminism
Category: psychology
friends-of-cgjung  Jung Seminar Announcements
Category: sociology
medsoc  Medical Sociology
psn  Progressive Sociology Network
socgrad  Sociology Graduate Students -- International
Category: software
mj2-dev  Majordomo 2 Developer Discussions    (02)

Peter    (03)