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[ba-unrev-talk] The World-Systems Electronic Conferencing Network

"WSN is an electronic conferencing network and information source for
scholars and researchers who are studying world-systems. The purpose of
WSN is to facilitate the sharing of information about research, data,
publications, announcements, meetings, syllabi, commentary, book
reviews, scuttlebut and etc.    (01)

WSN is part of CSF, Communications for a Sustainable Future, a
collection of progressive electronic networks and archives at the
University of Colorado-Boulder.    (02)

WSN is linked with the World-Systems Archive. The World-Systems Archive
contains valuable information for scholars engaged in research on
world-systems. Working papers, bibliographies, announcements and many
other kinds of information are available. In addition all the
conversations and announcements that are posted on WSN are saved in the
Mail Archive. "    (03)

Which led to:
"Political Economy of the World-System
The purpose of the Section on Political Economy of the World-System
(PEWS) is to pursue the study of world systems over long periods of
time. PEWS seeks to foster the understanding of difference and offers an
integrated analysis of the political economy and its social bases."    (04)

With some listservs at http://acad.depauw.edu/~thall/pewslistshp.htm    (05)

Peter    (06)