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[ba-unrev-talk] Development Gateway

This is a noteworthy effort.    (01)

http://www.developmentgateway.org/node/130667/    (02)

Cordially,     (03)

-jtm    (04)

These are areas where the Development Gateway currently concentrates its
knowledge-sharing efforts. Here you can browse the contents of topics
that are of interest to you, read the contributions of others,
contribute resources, and become a member of a topic community. The free
membership allows you to receive updates, and to participate fully in
this part of the Gateway. We welcome your comments at any time!     (05)

Aid Effectiveness 
Business Environment 
Culture and Development 
Environmental Law 
Food Security 
Foreign Direct Investment    
Gender and Development 
ICT for Development 
Indigenous Knowledge 
Indigenous Peoples 
Indigenous Rights 
Judicial and Legal Reform 
Knowledge Economy 
Non-Governmental Organizations 
Population and Reproductive Health 
Trade and Development 
Urban Managers 
Water Resources Management 
Youth for Development      (06)

Development Focuses     (07)

This section intends to explore issues of more immediate and urgent
interest. The list below can change frequently, depending on the events
and trends that take center stage in the development community. Each
focus area, however, offers the same type of content and functions that
you will find in the topic pages. We welcome suggestions on other focus
areas that we might launch, as well as your reactions to the ones that
appear below.     (08)

Afghanistan Reconstruction     (09)

Argentine Crisis    (010)

E-Commerce for Arts & Crafts    (011)

Glocalization    (012)

World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD)    (013)

								###    (014)