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[ba-unrev-talk] Re: NOT: Really, It's That Simple

The follwoing is in response to a private query about my response to John
Malone.    (01)

Henry    (02)

The point I was trying to make was that we should look for better ways of
arriving at opinions. Nothing wrong with having opinions and expressing
them, and doing so having some impact, etc. But whatever opinions we, as
individuals, offer are more or less in isolation, i.e. partly footed on
solid ground, partly in thin air.    (03)

Doug's approach is not to offer solutions to world problems, but instead to
offer a way of doing a better job of arriving at solutions.    (04)

The last couple of days, I have have here, lying among papers around my
desk, The Economist of June 6, turned to page 3 of its special section, "A
survey of the global environment." It points to the contrast between the
opinions of economists and those of environmentalists, and how finally those
begin to converge - sort of. Had those people and their advisors been
working on the same document all along, instead of working on separate
documents, they could have come up with a consensus ("the same songbook")
much sooner - i.e. do a better job of arriving at a potential solution to
complex, urgent problems. That is Doug's theme, and one appropriate to this
list.    (05)

Henry    (06)