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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Fw: Announcing: The Computer Science Preprint Server

OK, they are getting there. The materials I found (especially by using the
rankings of readers) were *all* in neuroscience, with just a smattering of
anything else, and computation theory even had a neuroscience article.    (01)

However, the categories look just fine, once I found them.  This site is an
effort of Elsevier Science, according to the privacy statement, disclaimer,
and "About Us..." page.  Elsevier Science does not consider posting to CSPS
as "prior publication" or publication in the way that they consider
important -- peer-reviwed, recognized journal publication.  And there is no
transfer of rights.    (02)

I think arXiv does a good job here too, and is already well-established.  We
will see how it all fits together.    (03)

When CSPS has completed what it needs to do for access under the Open
Archive Initiative, I think it won't matter.  As I said, the topic
categories look promising:    (04)

Artificial Intelligence
Automated Reasoning
Cognitive Science
Computational Intelligence (General)
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Computer-Human Interaction
Decision Support Systems
Evolutionary Computation, Genetic Algorithms / Programming
Expert Systems
Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Sets
Heuristic methods
Intelligent agents
Knowledge Representation
Knowledge-Based Systems
Learning and Adaptive Systems
Machine Learning
Multi Agent systems
Natural Language and Computational Linguistics
Natural Language Understanding and Generation
Neural Networks
Planning and Scheduling
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Softcomputing    (05)

DNA Computing
Evolutionary Computing
Genetic Programming
Neural Networks    (06)

Administrative Data Processing
Arts and Humanities
Computer Applications (General)
Life and Medical Sciences
Physical Sciences and Engineering
Social and Behavioral Sciences    (07)

Computer Communication Networks
Computer System Implementation
Computer Systems Organization (General)
Performance of Systems
Processor Architectures
Special-Purpose and Application-Based Systems
Standardization and Verification    (08)

Image Processing    (09)

Computer Graphics
Computing Methodologies (General)
Document and Text Processing
Simulation and Modeling
Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation    (010)

Computing Milieux (General)    (011)

Coding and Information Theory
Data (General)
Data Encryption
Data Storage Representations
Data Structures    (012)

Database Management
Information Interfaces and Presentation
Information Storage and Retrieval
Information Systems (General)
Information Systems Applications
Models and Principles    (013)

Arithmetic and Logic Structures
Control Structures and Microprogramming
Hardware (General)
Input/Output and Data Communications
Integrated Circuits
Logic Design
Memory Structures
Performance and Reliability
Register-Transfer-Level Implementation    (014)

Operating Systems
Programming Languages
Programming Techniques
Software (General)
Software Engineering    (015)

Analysis of Algorithms and Problem Complexity
Computation by Abstract Devices
Logics and Meanings of Programs
Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages
Quantum Computing
Theory of Computation (General)    (016)

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Well, this lot looks pretty on-topic to me
rder=date    (018)

Toni Granollers
Vilars. A new dialogue model applying Augmented Reality.
Lorés, J, Raimat, G. and Junyent, E.,  16 July 2002, CSPS: Computational
Daniel Allsopp
A database architecture for reusable CommonKADS agent specification
Alan Harrison and Colin Sheppard,  15 July 2002, CSPS: Data/0207001    (019)

I admit that the first page I hit looked like neuroscience.    (020)

Peter    (021)

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> It would be useful if the content was about computer science.
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> Thought this might be of interest to folks...
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> Subject: Announcing: The Computer Science Preprint Server
> Dear computer scientist,
> It is our great pleasure to announce the launch of a new rapid
> distribution medium for research articles in the field of
> computer science, covering the whole panorama of current research
> topics:
> The Computer Science Preprint Server
> http://www.compscipreprints.com
> We would also like to invite you to be among the first users to
> post an article on The Computer Science Preprint Server and join
> the community. You can actually also already enjoy reading over
> 200 articles already posted.
> Welcoming final-version articles as well as reports on work in
> progress, The Computer Science Preprint Server affords you a
> unique opportunity to ensure your article receives maximum
> visibility.
> We appreciate your time is valuable and have designed the online
> submission process to be as streamlined as possible. Also, as an
> author you have total freedom to remove your article at any time,
> and/or to submit it for publication to the journal of your
> choice.
> Additional features of The Computer Science Preprint Server
> include: "Discussions" - encouraging online discussion of your
> article "Recommend This Article" - ensuring wider distribution of
> your article "Alerting Service" - informing you regularly of new
> articles as they are uploaded to the Server.
> We look forward to receiving your preprint and welcome any
> comments and/or suggestions you may care to make.
> Ir. Olivier Simonnot, MBA
> The Computer Science Preprint Server
> http://www.compscipreprints.com
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