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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] further research and thinking related to unrev-ii archive

Chris-    (01)

Interesting paper -- especially coming from a practical experienced
based analysis of various issues (like mentioning the lack of a standard
way to reference a reply in email and the impact on analysis). I like
the idea of tools that provide ways for some work to be automated and
other to be done or refined by people. By the way, didn't see any
reference to license issues as another practical problem. :-)    (02)

Thanks for sharing the paper. It displayed fine in OpenOffice, although
you might consider RTF, HTML, or a non-proprietary format to maximize
long term readership.    (03)

While it was all interesting, I didn't see one point that screamed 
"revelation about the nature of knowledge representation and
discourse...". Which part was that? Did you mean your paper's insight:
"In other words, each document reflects at least one concept, and the
clusters potentially represent not only conceptually related documents,
but also a category or set of categories for which the concepts have not
yet been identified. " Or did you mean it more in your writing: "The
existence of the associative connections is the locus of discovery, not
the definition of these connections"?    (04)

I found it interesting that on a practical basis messages without a MIME
Content-Type of text/plain content were tossed. Always kind of suspected
such messages were trouble (and avoid them)... Still, this shows how
hard it is to try anything that defines a new standard beyond plain text
(like making links more embedded somehow).    (05)

I'm not on line much these days, but thought your great contribution
deserved further applause.    (06)

All the best.    (07)

-Paul Fernhout
== Grant us the tools to enhance our lives, 
== and the inspiration to use them with enthusiasm, love, and joy.     (08)

cdent@burningchrome.com wrote:
> Back in April Kathryn La Barre and I announced, on this list,
> some work we were doing with computational methods for generating
> faceted access structures to the archive of the unrev-ii (the
> list that is the precursor to this one) email list.
> Since then a paper describing the work and its relevance to the
> PORT project was written for the Pragmatic Web Workshop at the
> 10th International Conference on Conceptual Structures. Much of
> the workshop was held over email. For Kathryn and I the email
> collaboration led to an extensive revision of the paper. We had
> something of a revelation about the nature of knowledge
> representation and discourse that may be of interest.
> The final version of the paper:
>   http://ella.slis.indiana.edu/~klabarre/iccs2002_concept.doc
> [snip]    (09)