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[ba-unrev-talk] New Semantic Networks Product

http://www.semanticresearch.com    (01)

"Semantic Research is focused on a key problem facing most organizations 
with multi-faceted informational resources and systems: the capture, 
organization, management and visualization of knowledge. Chief among these 
organizations are the military, the intelligence community, major 
corporations, government agencies, and bio sciences.
Over the last 25 years, two significant issues related to the management of 
knowledge have emerged: Information Overload and Tacit Knowledge."    (02)

"We apply semantic networking theory to a new breed of sophisticated 
knowledge capture, management and transfer products. Our goal is to create 
value for our customers by increasing revenue, lowering costs, and 
producing benefits of knowledge capitalization through the use of our 
Semantica™ products.    (03)

Semantica provides an intuitive, graphical environment for quickly and 
easily capturing unstructured knowledge from knowledge workers and experts, 
integrating it into an accessible knowledge management framework."    (04)

"A semantic network is fundamentally a system for capturing, storing and 
transferring information that works much the same as (and is, in fact, 
modeled after) the human brain. It is robust, efficient and flexible. It is 
also the basis for many efforts to produce artificial intelligence. 
Semantic networks can grow to extraordinary complexity, necessitating a 
sophisticated approach to visual display, balancing the need for simplicity 
with the full expressive power of the network. Semantic networks may be 
traversed via concept list views, via their relations, or by retracing the 
user's history."    (05)