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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] An important interview

> Not too long at all.
> Thank you.
> I'm not all that sanguine that skunk-works projects always work
> and I am not
> sure that it is always the effective model.
There is *nothing* that *always* works. Having said that, I can say that to
get really good solutions, there must not be anyone in the group whose ideas
must be accepted because of *who* they are rather than the value of the idea
in terms of addressing the problem to be solved, and that "skunk works"
level projects seem to be most capable of doing this. As with Extreme
Programming, it is by no means certain that this scales up, partly because
we have yet to learn to create effective groups intentionally and repeatably
an on any scale.    (01)

> At the same time, I get that managing lines of communication and operating
> inside of a shared commitment are very important.
It is possible to have groups without good communication or commitment, but
I don't think it is possible to have a *team* without them
> Most of all, I think it is about people being masters of their
> own destinies
> and empowering themselves to make a difference.
Individual empowerment is one of the most important aspects of a truly
effective team. Contributions have to be supported and valued
> So, having expressed my few reservations, I say discussions like yours are
> indispensable.  Thank you for being moved to write it out.    (02)

Thank you for responding. I hope it helps a bit.    (03)

Garold (Gary) Johnson    (04)