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[ba-unrev-talk] OceanStore/CITRIS to protect data from power blackouts

"For those who worry that California's rolling blackouts will wipe out
their bank statements and other computerized records, a computer
scientist at the University of California, Berkeley, is designing a
solution: A data storage system so vast and powerful it will encompass
the entire Earth.    (01)

OceanStore is a data storage system tough enough to withstand a fire, a
hacker attack or even a botched electricity deregulation attempt. By
chopping data into encrypted pieces and storing them on computers
scattered throughout the Internet, OceanStore expands storage capacity
and makes data disaster-proof and available any time, anywhere.    (02)

"The goal is to make data storage not only secure and available, but
downright impervious to disaster," said OceanStore's inventor, John
Kubiatowicz. The professor is part of UC Berkeley's proposed Center for
Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), a
joint program with UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz that will create
innovations to improve people's lives. "
< http://www.globaltechnoscan.com/31stJan-6thFeb01/data.htm >    (03)