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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Aspirin or, Why do they lie?

This is not "evidence" but I do recall attending a lecture on kidney
transplants in which the speaker (a surgeon as I recall) said that one of
the few things you could do to avoid kidney damage was to minimise
consumption of pain killers - whether he meant both aspirin as well as
paracetemol I don't know (death from overdose of parcetemol is caused by
liver/kidney failure). Lets face it, all drugs are toxic. Then again there
is a chemistry students' urban myth that there are 30 known carcinogens in
oregano. I personally don't intend to give up eating pizza.    (01)

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> "Dennis E. Hamilton" wrote:
> > Eric,
> >
> > In the article, I couldn't find any reference or other substantiation
> for
> > that claim, rather amazing since there are names and citation in other
> parts
> > of the article.
> >
> > What evidence do they have for this claim?
> Good question. I wasn't inclined to doubt it, so I didn't think to verify
> accuracy. It was just something I chanced across while researching
> the latest development in cartilage regeration/replacement protocols.
>     (02)