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[ba-unrev-talk] Information Physics

It just never fails to amaze me the things I can discover by surfing 
http://www.memes.net.    (01)

Consider this URL: 
a note on "ObjectWiki knowledge synthesis" -- of course I'm going to jump 
to that page!    (02)

 From there: http://www.wikiworld.com/wiki/ which has a link to:
http://www.informationphysics.com/wiki/index.php/InformationPhysics    (03)

"[]Information Physics is a multidisiplanary field, based on []Information 
Theory. It is the science of the nature of information and the information 
of nature.
See []InfoPhysics course outline for some topics, links and references.
In information theory, bits of information are defined as conditional 
probabilities, you can have any degree of maybe and maybe is infinitely 
This uncertainty turns out to be the result of incomplete knowledge and the 
impossibility of the ideal information decoder. When observed in nature, 
however, bits assume definate values of either true or false, up or down 
or, yin or yang."    (04)

Whether or not this link turns out to be valuable (whatever that means), no 
matter how you stack things up in OHS-speak, we are dealing with 
information, its accumulation, organization, and interpretation; 
accordingly, most all links need to be examined carefully.    (05)