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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] [Fwd: Refdesk Link of the Day:Visual Web Search]

Based on my primarily search/test results this is really a cool topic
map application, so let's try it and discuss.    (01)

KARTOO on your site
< http://www.kartoo.net/en/pgpourvous03.html >    (02)

"Install a "KartOO Perso" search box KartOO Perso is a free service
dedicated to webmasters of private sites or of small and medium-sized
companies, societies, web portals... It allows you to offer your
visitors, subscribers or customers a "Search with KartOO" box which
gives them access to an additional service for retrieving information
from the Web."    (03)

How it works
< http://www.kartoo.net/en/perso01.php3 >    (04)

We offer to install a Kartoo search box on your site. It will allow your
visitors to perform information retrieval from the Web without them
having the impression that they have left your site. Indeed, the search
results will be presented to them using your own customizing of Kartoo
display (backscreen,colour of the bowls ,...).    (05)

To speak simply,Kartoo Perso is a system in the interest of the two
- For your part,you offer the net users an original service and can
potentially increase your traffic.
- For our part,it helps us making Kartoo known.    (06)

How to install Kartoo Perso    (07)

It is very easy :
- Customize your “search box “(size,language,graphics for the results
- Test it
- Receive the HTML code via e-mail
- make a ‘copy and paste’ into your site creation software program
- and if you have any problem, get in touch with us via e-mail.    (08)

Gary Richmond wrote:    (09)

> Perhaps some of you are already familiar with this clever search
> engine. If not, give it a try.
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> Today's Refdesk Link of the Day is: Visual Web Search
> at: http://www.kartoo.com/
> Kartoo is a meta search engine which presents its results on a map. As soon as you launch a search, Kartoo analyses your request, questions the most relevant engines, selects the best sites and places them on a map. On this map, when you move the pointer over a 'ball,' the description of the site is displayed.
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