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[ba-unrev-talk] IBM's Dr. Tushar Chandra Speaking in Mt. View August 20

I think I've heard this fellow's name from Doug, but I don't recall
clearly if that's true or not.  Anyway, I thought folks might like to
know about this free presentation.    (01)

Regards,    (02)

-- Grant Bowman                                <grantbow@grantbow.com>    (03)

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Subject: [inet-dev] Internet Developer Group Meets Tuesday, August 20
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>From its academically defined beginnings as a University and Government
Lab network, the Internet has exploded within the past decade into being
the primary communications tool for most businesses and a major
entertainment and educational tool in homes.  Network Wizards (offering
information through the Interent Software Consortium) estimated in July
1993 there were 1.7 million hosts.  By January 2002 their estimate had
risen to over 147 million hosts.    (05)

In August 1993 there were an estimated 18 million Internet users.  NUA's
current survey reports that Internet usage has now grown to over 580
million users, or more than 9.5% of world population.  In the United
States NUA estimates 59-60% of the population is currently on the net.
The country with the second largest online population is China, which came
from being virtually insignificant in 1993.  The country with the third
largest online population is Japan with over half their population online.    (06)

Nielsen Net Ratings show that in the United States:    (07)

					@Work		@Home    (08)

Number of Sessions per Month		47		21    (09)

Number of Unique Sites Visited		92		46    (010)

Time Spent per Month			26 hrs		11 hrs    (011)

Network Wizards (offering information through the Interent Software
Consortium) estimated there were 1.7 million hosts in July 1993.  By
January 2002 their estimate had risen to over 147 million hosts.    (012)

Clearly there has been massive evolution in the last decade.  What import
does this have?  There are new needs when you try to operate an open
system on a global scale.  On August 20th IBM will discuss their major
initiative to address the Internet of the Future.  One that has more
devices, greater interaction, many more less technically sophisticated
users and possibly more risks from broken code and people who like to
break servers. Our speaker, Tushar Chandra, is a manager in a team at IBM
developing Autonomic Computing systems that are self-organizing,
self-optimizing, self-healing and simple to use.    (013)

It's time to plug our meeting date into the PDA again!  See you at 7 PM on
Tuesday, August 20th.    (014)

SPEAKER:   Dr. Tushar Chandra, Senior Manager, Distributed Systems, IBM
*******************************    (015)

Dr. Tushar Chandra is a Senior Manager of Distributed Systems at IBM's
Almaden Research facility.  Previously he was manager of Distributed and
Clustered Systems at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.    (016)

Chandra is responsible for creating a software infrastructure that
supports computing as a utility, technology that enables secure sharing of
computing resources in a single Internet data center and applications that
can run on multiple devices.    (017)

Chandra received IBM's Outstanding Innovation Award for his research on
RS/6000 cluster technology. In addition to 15 patents and numerous
publications, his Ph.D thesis was nominated for the ACM Best Thesis Award
from Cornell in 1993.    (018)

Time & Schedule: 7:30-9:00 PM  Tuesday, August 20, 2002
******************************    (019)

  7:00 - 7:30 PM Registration and Networking    (020)

  7:30 - 8:30 PM "Autonomic Computing"    (021)

  8:30 - 9:00 PM Open Floor Announcements/Discussions    (022)

Directions:  See map and directions at http://www.internetdeveloper.org
******************************    (023)

We will meet in the western wing of the main Netscape dining room,
Netscape Building 22, 468 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA    (024)

For non-AOL/Netscape attendees, it will probably be simplest to enter the
building through the main lobby located where the two wings of the
building join.    (025)

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