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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Ontologies and volunteers

Mei Lin Fung wrote:    (01)

> Has anyone read the Professor and the Madman? About the making of the
> Oxford English Dictionary? .... They took the position that in
> relation to the definition of words, there is value in recording and
> citing “usage” and that there is no “right” definition, because that
> would kill any living language.
> ...it took 27 years from the first suggestion of a dictionary to
> record all English words, to the actual beginning of the project,…
Great post, Mei Lin.    (02)

Sobering to realize the time scales, but fascinating to know that
makes a useful resolution/alternative to the standardization process.    (03)

I also wanted to note in passing that "standard ontology" can never
be a singular term, but "standard ontologies" can be a successful
plural.    (04)

In the same way that we have a UML standard, as well as Booch diagrams
and other communication standards, and in the same that we have a
"standard" biological classification sceme (despite its weaknesses), the    (05)

existence of such standards permits communication and allows progress.    (06)

One of topic maps great features is that it allows a term to have
so the same term can have different meanings in different contexts. The
"usage" idea is eqivalent to listing the different scopes in which a
term may
appear (and what it means in that scope.    (07)

Similarly, all of the terms and concepts that comprise a single scope
would seem to me to constitute an ontology. (Jack: Does that sound
reasonable?)    (08)