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[ba-unrev-talk] Your rights online?

http://ask.slashdot.org/askslashdot/02/08/11/0343222.shtml?tid=158    (01)

"Listening to NPR today and caught a story on All Things Considered about 
how the FBI has demanded information on borrowing and browsing habits, 
including computer seizures, from 85 libraries since Sept. 11 (utilizing 
their new-found powers from the PATRIOT act). Similar stories (which don't 
require RealAudio) are here and here. The American Librarian Association is 
providing information for librarians to help deal with this, and it seems 
heavily tilted towards supporting individuals' rights to privacy. It seems 
like the Slashdot crowd could come up with a great library computer setup 
that would protect anonymity (I'm thinking about things like creating a RAM 
disk and loading the OS onto it). How about ways to enable people to borrow 
books anonymously without opening the door to large-scale theft? I bet if 
we offered a packaged, free, easy to install Safe Browsing computer or 
Anonymous Checkout program, libraries across the U.S. would 
enthusiastically embrace it." According to the articles, these checks can 
be made for any reason, not just for suspected terrorism. It seems that if 
the American people are going to protect their rights, they are going to 
have to do so actively. Is the idea presented above, feasible? How would 
you improve upon it?    (02)