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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Holland Lottery

On Mon, 25 Nov 2002, Eric Armstrong wrote:    (01)

> On the serious side, I sure wish there were an
> international spam patrol I could forward it to.
> I'd just love knowing that some razor sharp
> hackers were tracking the message down to it's
> source, and gutting the perpetrator like a fish....
> :__))    (02)

Actually, there is. SpamCop is quite effective:    (03)

http://spamcop.net    (04)

Once in a while, I go spammer-hunting, and register a complaint through
this service. I'll attach one of my 'trophies' :-)    (05)

Aldo    (06)

---    (07)

Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 11:18:39 -0700
From: PLAnet BC Abuse <PLAnet.BCAbuse@TELUS.COM>
To: "'118066122@reports.spamcop.net'" <118066122@reports.spamcop.net>
Subject: RE: [SpamCop ( id:118066122]ab- - ENLARGE YOUR *E
    NIS - SATISFY YOUR PARTNER - 10519    (08)

Thank you for your email providing details with respect to an unsolicited
communication.    (09)

We have investigated your complaint of Spam.  TELUS Internet Services does
not monitor nor control the content and activities of its customers.  Your
complaint raises an issue of alleged violation of TELUS Internet Services
Acceptable Use Policy.    (010)

Based on the information that you have provided, we have taken steps to
resolve the issue as per our established processes.    (011)

Internet Abuse Team
TELUS Internet Services    (012)

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