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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Technical Ontologies Considered Harmful

Thanks for putting that in.  After I posted here I noticed that myself and I
did make a submission to their comments list.    (01)

-- Dennis    (02)

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I would recommend that in addition to blogging, you should post
comments, so that your views are registered in the OASIS archives. See
the end of Dennis' post below, which gives the pointers and the final
statement, copied here is:    (04)

"Comments are welcome and encouraged from all interested parties.
should be submitted to the humanmarkup comment list at
humanmarkup-comment@lists.oasis-open.org. "    (05)

Just last Thursday Jon Bosak had a conference call with Doug and the
Bootstrap Alliance group where we started to understand from him the ins
and outs of forming a hyperscope technical committee in OASIS.    (06)

In that call, he highlighted the ability for PUBLIC comments on the
standards. You do not have to be an organizational or individual member
of OASIS for your views to be registered.    (07)

I think it is important that members of BA-Unrev who have concerns about
the Human markup language to go ahead and post to the human-mark-up
public comment list mentioned above. For those of you who do post,
please send your post to BA-unrev, I'm sure there will be others, like
myself who are interested in what our community says in this critical
and important interchange arena where philosophy meets computer
engineering.    (08)

Mei Lin Fung    (09)

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