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[ba-unrev-talk] FW: [CoWorking] Personal Knowledge Management with Weblogs

I found this 2-part article on Personal Knowledge Publishing quite
interesting as an aspect of knowledge sharing.    (01)

Thanks,    (02)

Garold (Gary) L. Johnson    (03)

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Subject: [CoWorking] Personal Knowledge Management with Weblogs    (04)

Great review of Weblogs for Personal Knowledge Management    (05)

Personal knowledge publishing and its uses in research 1/2
In this document Sebastien Paquet describes what weblogs
are, and
explains how they are altering communication patterns on the
Part II will build on the ideas presented here to describe a
specialized form of weblogging called personal knowledge
http://www.knowledgeboard.com/whoswho/47046/550022?u=8a865D51&m=4519    (06)

Personal knowledge publishing and its uses in research 2/2
In this document, Sebastien Paquet describes the new
patterns of
communication that weblogging is giving birth to. In
he explains how these patterns can facilitate the emergence
of new
communities of knowledge. He also points out reasons why
researchers might prefer not to adopt this new means to
http://www.knowledgeboard.com/whoswho/47046/550022?u=8a865D51&m=4519    (07)

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