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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Continuation of Doug's Colloquium

Stephen,    (01)

You said "I have my own opinions and ideas..."    (02)

We've been sharing our ideas here for quite a while now. Would you care to 
share yours with us?    (03)

Jack    (04)

At 11:49 AM 1/22/2003 +1030, stephen white wrote:
>On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, at 12:14 AM, Henry K van Eyken wrote:
>>This message is a kind of last-ditch attempt by putting the problem of
>>continuing all aspects (technical, psychological, social) of Doug's
>>"unfinished revolution" before the members of this forum.
>I'm speaking as a potential developer here. I'm interested in this area of 
>research and have stopped working in Defence and moved to a University 
>environment so I have the time to develop and release software along these 
>As a developer, Bootstrap doesn't provide any real toehold on what needs 
>to be done. When I read through the available documentation, I see lots of 
>talk about purple numbers, but I don't see any design documents, any 
>project planning, any specifications for first cut programs or anything 
>that a programmer could use to get started. In other words, it's a typical 
>academic project which has wishlists and theory but is short on the 
>Unfortunately, I have my own opinions and ideas therefore I don't really 
>see where I can work with Bootstrap. I understand that Doug has spent 
>years thinking about his ideas and just wants to see them implemented 
>without debating points this way or that way. This is understandable, but 
>it's not my kind of environment.
>I basically hang around here because we're interested in the same kinds of 
>things and I get some very interesting links out of the posts made here.
>   spwhite@chariot.net.au    (05)

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