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[ba-unrev-talk] Blissymbolics: Unique system of visual communication.

Hi there,

The link below is for those of you interested, as Jan seems to be, in the use of visual language and pictographic symbols as means of communcation.  It is to an introduction to Blissymbolics, the unique and complete system of written symbolic communcation, which is independent of oral language, created by the great Charles Bliss.  I have been interested in his work for many years, and found today that when I slowly contemplate the symbols, and their meanings, I experience both simplicity and a kind of left-brain/right brain sense of integration, as language *and* pictorial understanding are simultanously at work  Check it out - its' fun!

This system is also uniquely helpful to those suffereing from learning disabilities, strokes, and the like, and is used extensivly in Canadian hospitals on what are called - I kid you not - `Blissboards'.    I also suspect that mastery of blissymbolics may open the door to new vistas of creativity.


Regards, Eric

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