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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Connecting the Dots...

On Fri, 7 Mar 2003, Eric Armstrong wrote:    (01)

>   * What kinds of requirements are there for a tool that will
>     allow divergent opinions to achieve congruence?    (02)

Some experiences we had in the development of the (prototype) GRASS (Group
Report Authoring Suppport System) method and tool:    (03)

- Have a clear goal in terms of an artifact to be constructed:
stakeholders don't just discuss but should co-author a concise report that
aims to develop answers and assess consensus on a particular research
question, i.e. 'Should we attack Iraq?'    (04)

- Report has (1) introduction, (2) several sections, and (3) conclusion.
In the middle sections, sub-questions are addressed by defining positions
and coupling discussion threads to positions. Stakeholders take positions
(and may change them over time).    (05)

- Report and section introductions state report goals, the conclusions
summarize results of developed positions+discussions. Introductions and
conclusions should present the whole range of views, including those
dissenting from majority.    (06)

- Roles, such as author, report, and sections editors, as well as the
rights/responsibilities attached to these roles need to be clearly
defined (i.e. how to write a report conclusion in which all opinions are
incorporated).    (07)

All these aspects should help in obtaining more convergence. We haven't
done anything with rating argument-elements. I agree that this could be an
important additional force for convergence.    (08)

Aldo    (09)

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