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Nicely stated, Gary.    (01)

While speaking of slogans, I would suggest that the slogan crafted, as far 
as I recall, in the Bush campaign: "No child left behind", is animating a 
process that appears to be busy leaving everyone behind.    (02)

When I say "slogans won't do it", I would like to limit that comment to the 
scope associated with Henry's suggestion that education is needed. I don't 
think that there is a need to agree to disagree; I have great respect for 
your contributions to this list, and to this thread.    (03)

Jack    (04)

At 05:58 PM 3/23/2003, Gary Richmond wrote:
>Nevertheless, I completely agree with you and Jack as to the solution, 
>namely, to complete
>the revolution that Doug Engelbart began, and to educate "us all" in a way 
>can lead to the evolution of consciousness that all men and women of good will
>desire and the subsequent benefits to the planet.
>Henry, I have only the greatest respect for you (whom I know only by 
>and Jack (who I met at ICCS01 at Stanford, and who I have quoted in my 
>critical thinking
>classes). So I hope you realize that I am "agreeing to disagree" with you 
>in this matter.
>Let us all work together towards the fulfillment of Doug's dream.
>Best regards,
>Gary    (05)

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Build smarter kids globally to reduce the need for smarter bombs.    (07)