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I ought to bring up another aspect of such dictatorships as exist in
Iraq, North Korea, and Libya - that sons of tyrants are raised to be
sadists.    (01)

Here a report on Uday Hussain:    (02)

http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/si_online/news/2003/03/24/son_of_saddam/    (03)

With Saddam left in place, expect worse yet to come. The present ruler
of North Korea, son of the previous dictator threatens his neighbors and
the U.S. with nuclear weapons, doing so without regard for North Korean
citizens. These are the kinds of situations that help tip the balance
for me w.r.t. being pro or anti the current action in Iraq.    (04)

A note of significance on the side. A news item last night informed us
that most Jordanians (many of them Palestinians, actually) admire Saddam
Hussain, atrocities notwithstanding. He gives the region a sense of
pride, according to the journalist reporting. As I well know, so did
Hitler. And I have been given to understand there are many still in
Russians who revere Stalin. We human beings exhibit some strange
behaviors. Somehow this phenomenon ought to factor in when it comes to
augmenting individual and collective intellect.    (05)

Henry    (06)