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ah, sports illustrated, my favourite news source.    (01)

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> I ought to bring up another aspect of such dictatorships as exist in
> Iraq, North Korea, and Libya - that sons of tyrants are raised to be
> sadists.
> Here a report on Uday Hussain:
> http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/si_online/news/2003/03/24/son_of_saddam/
> With Saddam left in place, expect worse yet to come. The present ruler
> of North Korea, son of the previous dictator threatens his neighbors and
> the U.S. with nuclear weapons, doing so without regard for North Korean
> citizens. These are the kinds of situations that help tip the balance
> for me w.r.t. being pro or anti the current action in Iraq.
> A note of significance on the side. A news item last night informed us
> that most Jordanians (many of them Palestinians, actually) admire Saddam
> Hussain, atrocities notwithstanding. He gives the region a sense of
> pride, according to the journalist reporting. As I well know, so did
> Hitler. And I have been given to understand there are many still in
> Russians who revere Stalin. We human beings exhibit some strange
> behaviors. Somehow this phenomenon ought to factor in when it comes to
> augmenting individual and collective intellect.
> Henry
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