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At 12:08 PM 3/25/2003, Gary Richmond wrote:
>Finally, to bring the discussion back to the purposes of this list is 
>greatly to
>be desired.
>>AdM: To focus on the goals of this list: we need instruments that support
>>clear argumentation on 'wicked issues' (e.g. IBIS), but equally
>>important, those instruments should help identify - and compare - the
>>perspectives from which these argumentations are produced.
</aldo>    (01)

It seems to me that it would be interesting, maybe even useful, to 
accumulate the many theories people have on this war. Such theories would 
go the whole gamut, from conspiracy theories to good old fashioned "what 
the world really needs" ones, including those that cover potential hidden 
agendas (e.g. democracy everywhere (whatever that means)).    (02)

If this forum were to collect such theories, I would think it appropriate 
to apply some suggested "pattern language" perhaps expressed as a form "to 
fill in."  If one is to submit a theory, one should document it with links 
of substance, not just headlines that go uninterpreted.    (03)

Why? Because I think the nature of this war suggest an extremely high 
dimensional space of characteristics, opportunities, and theories.    (04)

As a "for instance," consider this aspect: France-bashing.  My learning 
experiences have taught me that our relationship with France is vastly 
deeper and richer than anything suggested by those who send me "french 
jokes".  There must be some modicum of British patriots out there who might 
still be pissed that the French helped America win the revolutionary war. 
Some revisionist historians go so far as to say that Geo. Washington wasn't 
the hero he is painted to be; rather he is thought by some to be a coward 
and it was the French who pumped him up to do what he is reported to have 
done. You've just got to love the old British Airways add that said "Come 
home, America. All is forgiven." You might ask (sounds of moaning and 
groaning in the background) "what the hell does that have to do with the 
war?"  As I said (chest thumping), it's an extremely high dimensional space 
and there is bound to be a couple of dots that get connected by what I just 
said.    (05)

What fun it would be to paint an enormous dialog map with such a discussion.    (06)

I would, in light of Aldo's notion of identifying perspectives, be 
interested in seeing such a dialog map articulated as a Conceptual Graph, 
one that illuminates the process which are animated by personal 
perspectives (lenses). Those two views, I think, would offer opportunities 
for people to look closer at their own lenses, possibly seeing things as 
they have never seen them before. I call this process "augmented storytelling."    (07)

Jack    (08)

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