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[ba-unrev-talk] A lesson from science

For most of its life, chemistry was an art that arose from accidental
discoveries and ad hoc experimentation, i.e. experimentation without a
knowledge of fundamentals that govern the behavior of substances under a
variety of conditions. Important things were discovered while also major
misconceptions prevented the discovery of other things of great import.    (01)

It was only once people began drawing conclusions from meticulous
measurements and gathering a deeper understanding of substances at the
atomic level that progress accelerated. An understanding of principles
goes further than simly an encyclopedic knowledge of details. (I did not
say that knowledge of details is unimportant!)    (02)

We may bear this in mind when trying to develop better public media.
Extensive writings ought be followed through by summarizing new
principles discovered or relating them to principles discovered
elsewhere. This is roughly what I mean by digesting materials for a DKR.
Hyperlinks will serve to link to evidence that validate principles.    (03)

Proper digestion is also essential for an electorate to properly
exercise its franchise.     (04)

Henry    (05)