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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Re: Another aspect of the problematic

I believe what you are talking about is revenue models.    (01)

As any journalist knows you must "follow the money"    (02)

Any successful organization adapts to optimize the
revenue model.    (03)

So how you structure the revenue model ultimately
structures the organization.     (04)

There are nine revenue models that I have identified for 
web sites. How the website structures that revenue 
model, then leads to the health or failure of the web site.    (05)

In the book Eco-Economy by lester brown,
the idea  is put forth that overall environmental costs 
of health care, community support, toxic cleanup, polution,
should be integrated into the revenue model of companies by
taxing based on the things you don't want.    (06)

IE, the more pollution you generate, the more you pay in taxes.    (07)

It sounds initially tempting. But I worry about the 
revenue model of the government, which depends on the taxes.
Which then becomes dependent on the thing you don't want 
happening.    (08)

If you look at how liquor and gambling have been 
dealt with over the last 30 years, you see that as governments
depend more and more on revenue from these streams, the rules
about liquor and gambling be altered in ways to increase
state revenue.    (09)

When in fact, we probably would do better off if we did not have 
large utililization of any of these in our society.    (010)

We are watching that in oregon, as we get a financial crunch in
the schools because of property tax limitations like ballot measure 5,
the state lottery funds are being applied to vital cost centers
in the state.    (011)

I think it would be worth the effort to build a model for
the revenue of media. And to think out how these structures
can work.    (012)

How many different revenue models can you think of for 
media mechanisms?    (013)

Suppose I want to start a new media - local newspaper , what
revenue mechanisms are available?    (014)

Henry K van Eyken <vaneyken@sympatico.ca> writes:    (015)

 % Yes, Kevin.
 % And even PBS cannot do without advertising. Nevertheless, we need good
 % media without advertising support.
 % Henry
 % On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 12:26, Kevin Keck wrote:
 % > --- Henry K van Eyken <vaneyken@sympatico.ca> wrote:
 % > [...]
 % > > So at this point, I am looking forward to an article
 % > > in the commercial
 % > > press about the ills of advertising.
 % > > 
 % > > Henry
 % > 
 % > 
 % > Well now, that doesn't seem very likely.
 % > 
 % > If you really think this is the root of many ills,
 % > though, you could think about drumming up support for
 % > a boycott of advertisers. It would be tough: even most
 % > "progressive" companies like Ben & Jerry's and Tom's
 % > of Maine advertise heavily. If you got some momentum
 % > going, you would quickly get advertisers' attention.
 % > But getting very many people to connect all the dots
 % > is never easy...
 % > -- 
 % > Kevin Keck
 % > 
 %     (016)

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