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Just a test note to say hello to everyone.  I plan to be at next week's LC 
Jack    (01)

BTW:  I just today put up the latest Nexist files (source and classes) at 
I also put the required jar files there too.  With that, you have my batch 
files (Windows) to start with -- fix the classpath and you can run the system.    (02)

The latest version rearranged things: Core Nexist is not just the TopicMap 
Tab.  PIM, IBIS, and an experimental Tab are now outside of Core (so it can 
reside in a jar) and in an "applications" directory.  The context-props.xml 
now reflects these changes.  With that, it is now possible to build 
applications and just drop them in "applications" and add a notice to the 
xml file and run the system.    (03)