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Re: Adding <meta> tags to XML documents

Whoa there, fellas!  Seems like some bad feelings are spilling over from
that thread on ohs-dev.  Let's step back for a second, and try to clarify
some things.    (01)

As I see it, Murray's original response to Eric's on the ohs-dev list
was basically asking Eric to be more explicit in his criticism.  Murray
probably took the tone of Eric's message a little too personally, but
besides that, I thought his request was perfectly reasonable.  And Eric
was more explicit in his subsequent message to ohs-lc.  Following that,
however, Eric returned the favor by taking Murray's response a little too
personally.  So let's call it even then, and shift our focus back to the
content of this discussion, which I think has been very constructive thus
far.    (02)

-Eugene    (03)

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