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Re: Adding <meta> tags to XML documents

Eric Armstrong wrote:
> The word "sucks" was, of course, too harsh. But it was
> aimed at concepts, not people. I took liberties with
> the language, forgetting that there are new people
> involved who have't had the history to understand my
> intentions.    (01)

Yes, I'm new to your presence, and the rest of the group,
so perhaps it me that should be more wary of overreacting.
In the topic map group Sam Hunting gets misunderstood in
email once in awhile because people aren't used to how
he expresses himself. Good ol' email...    (02)

> I believe that the archive will show that I've written
> something in the neighborhood of 50,000 words on the
> subject of how best to share and reuse ideas and
> information. I don't think that any of that material
> reflected an inclination to be closed minded, unhelpful,
> or obstructive. And I really can't say that I enjoy
> being labeled as such.    (03)

I likewise was characterizing your comments, not you. Sorry
if you took it personally, as that was not my intention. People
have all sorts of reasons for responding in certain ways (not
enough time, differences in language, different agenda or 
background, etc.).     (04)

> On the other hand, I've probably already contributed the
> best thinking I have on the subject, and I'm not sure
> how much more I can really do.
> I'm an artist and mathematician by tempermant and training,
> not an engineer. So I like "perfect" solutions. They're
> few and far between, of course. More is the pity.    (05)

I have a background in engineering, art, creative writing
and media (photo, film, video, audio, etc.). I've both been
and hung around with artists and writers most of my adult
life, so I understand the temperament. I'm at least half that
way myself. Perhaps the other half is engineer, an optimistic
pragmatist.    (06)

> The concept of keeping meta data externally has always had
> the  problem of maintaining updates. The concept of keeping
> it internally has the problems I alluded to in the most
> recent post -- the difficulty of classifying information
> in other ways at a later date.
> Neither solution is 100% golden. I'm impressed that you
> have come up with method that allows either (or both) to
> be employed. That combination might well provide the
> best of both worlds.    (07)

I think any proposed solution must allow either to operate
isomorphically, because applications will demand both. I
did get one useful idea out of this, and that is getting 
incorporated into the next revision. XHTML documents must
have a way of pointing externally to their metadata. There's
already a way of doing this in DC I think, but I need to
check this one out more thoroughly.    (08)

Murray    (09)

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